SEO Case Studies

E-Rate Exchange, LLC: – Top Spot on Google & Bing


E-Rate Exchange is a company that helps schools all over the country, apply for Federal E-Rate funding.  In 2007 E-Rate exchange did not have any visibility on the Internet and did not get any of its new clients from the Internet.  All new clients were realized using traditional lead generation methods (Very Expensive).  E-Rate Exchange had a website that was not optimized and invisible to the public.  I started optimizing E-Rate Exchange’s website December of 2007.   By April of 2008 E-Rate Exchange started to appear on the first page of Google.  During 2008, 25% of the new clients found E-Rate Exchange on the internet. During 2009, 65% of new clients found E-Rate Exchange on the Internet. During 2010, 75% of new clients found E-Rate Exchange on the Internet.  E-Rate Exchange’s website is in the number one spot on Google for E-Rate Consulting, E-Rate Consultants, E-Rate Consulting Services, E-Rate Consultant, Erate Consulting, Erate Consultants, Erate Consulting Services, Erate Consultant.


The Screen Doctor of Sarasota FL:  Regional / Local – Top Spot on Google & Bing


The Screen Doctor is a company that repairs screen widows, Lanai’s, pool cages and patios in Sarasota, Bradenton and Lakewood Ranch area’s of Florida.  The Screen Doctor received all of his new business from the yellow pages and customer referrals.  In April of 2009 we started optimizing and by the summer of 2009 new client opportunities started to come in from the internet.  By the end of 2009 the screen doctor cancelled his yellow pages ad due to poor performance.  The screen doctor now receives all of his new clients / opportunities from the Internet.  He receives approximately 2 to 6 opportunities / inquires / new clients for his services from his website every day and has had to hire a helper to keep up with demand for his services.   The Screen Doctor is in the top spot on Google for Screen Repair Sarasota, pool cage screen repair Sarasota, lanai screen repair Sarasota, Patio screen repair Sarasota, Screen Repair Bradenton, pool cage screen repair Bradenton, lanai screen repair Bradenton, Patio screen repair Bradenton, Screen Repair Lakewood Ranch, pool cage screen repair Lakewood Ranch, lanai screen repair Lakewood Ranch, Patio, screen repair Lakewood Ranch and many other combinations.


Dr. Anthony Grasso DDS:  Regional / Local – Top Spot on Google & Bing


Dr. Grasso DDS started working with DOSH Technology Partners 18 Month ago.  Over the past 18 month the traffic from the internet has increased significantly to approx. 700 visitors a month.   Dr. Grasso now receives approx 15 new patient calls and 6 new patient emails a week from the internet.  Dr. Grasso is in the top spot on Google & Bing for “Syracuse Dentist” “Dental Implants Syracuse” “Teeth Cleaning Syracuse” “Dental Office Syracuse” “Dentists Office Syracuse” “Dentist in Syracuse” and most other terms that have to do with dental care / dentist in the Syracuse area.


Phillips Lawn Care:  Regional / Local – Top Spot on Google & Bing

Phillips Lawn Care has been working with DOSH Technology Partners for 3 years.  During spring and early summer Phillips Lawn Care receives approx. 20 – 30 leads a week or   (300 Leads a year)  from potential lawn care customers